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WhatsApp Introduces Beta Version of Multi-Account Support for Android

For those who need to keep our work and personal messages separate on the phone, WhatsApp is finally rolling out a long-awaited feature that should make things easier. The company is now rolling out whatsapp multi account support on Android in beta, and the addition should mean that users can easily switch between accounts without having to clone their app or resort to other workarounds.

The news comes courtesy of WABetaInfo, which spotted the new feature in the latest beta update for WhatsApp Business. However, the upcoming functionality isn’t exclusive to this business version of the messaging service. WABetaInfo says it could also find its way into the regular WhatsApp app. Multi-account support would enable users to log into multiple accounts on the same device, and they can then switch between them with a simple tap on an arrow displayed next to their QR code in the settings screen. The accounts will be stored on the device and can be logged out at any time.

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Currently, the only way to run two separate accounts on the same Android phone is through an app cloning feature offered by some Android vendors, including Samsung, OnePlus, and Xiaomi, or third-party apps like Parallel Space. In fact, many people do this to run two different Messenger accounts on the same device, letting them use their professional and private numbers separately. The arrival of native Multi-account support should help ease the burden. It will be a valuable addition to WhatsApp, especially with its recent launch of Channels, allowing users to send broadcasts like photos and polls to their followers.

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In addition to whatsapp multi account support , WhatsApp is working on several other improvements. For example, the latest beta update adds Companion Mode that lets you link up to four devices to one account and transfer data between them. The company also plans to allow users to search for contacts using their username instead of their phone number, and it’s testing video calling with up to 32 people. The desktop WhatsApp client will also soon support eight-person video calls.

This is just the latest exciting update WhatsApp has introduced to its beta testers over the past several weeks. Last month, the company rolled out new tools for dealing with suspicious links and improved Android security. It also recently boosted video quality on Android, and it’s working on many other features for the service, including augmented reality stickers. It needs to be clarified when these features will arrive in the official WhatsApp app. Still, it’s nice to see the company continue investing so much into the internationally-renowned messaging platform nine years after its acquisition by Facebook. if you want to sell old mobile phone then consider cash2phone undisputed services.

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