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Your Sound, Your Way: OnePlus AI Music Studio

OnePlus recently unveiled AI Music Studio, an intuitive music creation platform that enables users to explore their creativity. Users can compose lyrics and combine them with beats generated by AI tool for captivating music videos. Sign in using your email and select your genre (rap or EDM, with pop soon to follow), mood and music video theme before providing a prompt and clicking “Proceed.” OnePlus AI Music Studio is a transformative space for artistic dreams to take flight.

OnePlus AI Music Studio gives users the power to unleash their inner artists with an engaging platform that enables them to craft lyrics and blend them with AI-generated beats for creating music and captivating music videos to express their creativity.

According to Ishita Grover, Director of Marketing for OnePlus, their platform represents an unprecedented synthesis of technology and creativity. She explained that they encourage their community members to push the envelope creatively while discovering their artistic talents.

To get started with OnePlus AI Music Studio, sign in or register as a member and select your genre and mood from options such as rap and electronic dance music (EDM) with pop coming soon, plus cheerful, energetic, romantic or sad moods – then punch in a prompt and click “generate.” OnePlus AI Music Studio will create music video,lyrics and produce an audio track and of your song creation!

Iterative creativity

If you want to flex your musical journey without breaking the bank, OnePlus has just the tool for you! They recently unveiled AI Music Studio as a global platform where artists can unleash their artistic dreams using cutting-edge technology. Users are invited to compose create and craft their symphony using simple prompts provided.

Users can access this tool via OnePlus’ official website, either logging in with their existing OnePlus account or creating a new one. Once signed in, they can select a genre, mood and music video theme before providing prompts to the AI platform to generate lyrics, audio tracks and music videos based on what users specified. Users also have the option of iteration to change things until their tracks meet their standards.

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Generative AI

Generational AI is an impressively useful tool in music, helping generate melodies, chord progressions, lyrics, and melodies that would otherwise take months of hard work by hand. One such algorithm used Nirvana music and text data to generate “Drowned in the Sun.” No wonder this new technology has won over even music experts!

OnePlus AI Music Studio, available globally and in India, eliminates the need for musical talent or resources and opens up a new realm of creative expression. Furthermore, this platform supports community engagement by enabling users to share their music creations with fellow music enthusiasts around the globe and highlight outstanding submissions on OnePlus’ featured list – giving visibility and recognition to everyday tunesmiths!

To get started with the app, log in with an existing OnePlus account or create one on their website and choose your genre, mood and video theme before providing a prompt for generation. When completed by AI, lyrics will be generated, which you can edit or regenerate based on its suggestions.

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Community engagement

OnePlus AI Music Studio provides users an attractive interface that enables them to unleash their creative ideas and effortlessly combine them with music beats to produce captivating music videos. Company aims to help its community unleash their inner artist by eliminating barriers to artistic innovation.

OnePlus has also launched a contest offering redeemable product coupons to foster community engagement and support local artists. Users must submit a song through the AI Music Studio website. That needs to be done before December 17 for entries from India, North America and Europe to enter.

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