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OnePlus 12 Set to Be Introduced on December 5th

On December 5, OnePlus will unveil its latest flagship phone – the OnePlus 12 – to commemorate its 10th anniversary and mark this momentous occasion. Leaks suggest that the OnePlus 12 will boast a 6.82-inch OLED display, Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chip, a 5400mAh battery capacity, and 100W charging capability.

OnePlus 12 Specifications(Expected)

OnePlus 12 promises to boast impressive specifications that could make it the final great phone of 2023 or the first great one of 2024. Powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 SoC and running ColorOS 14 on top of Android 14, the phone will sport an OLED display from BOE supporting 2K resolution as well as a 50MP primary camera, 48MP ultrawide camera, and 64MP telephoto lens capable of 3x optical zoom telephoto photography capabilities. Here is the tweet

A teaser posted by OnePlus on Weibo shows off the design of their forthcoming flagship phone, featuring a circular camera island branded by Hasselblad and sporting the company logo on a satin-smooth glass back panel.

One more leaked image displays the OnePlus 12 in three color options, but Vibrant Green is particularly notable. According to an announcement by OnePlus, their designers took inspiration from their journey along Dart River when developing this shade that has granite-like qualities. Furthermore, there is now an Alert slider on the left side of the device for easy use.

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OnePlus 12 Price(Expected)

Due to a larger battery and upgraded cameras, the new OnePlus phone is expected to be more costly than last year’s model. It may feature fast wired and wireless charging with an infrared blaster as an additional feature.

Rumor has it that this phone will feature a 5,400mAh battery – 400mAh more extensive than what can be found in the OnePlus 11. Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chip should offer superior performance and AI-inspired smarts for improved user experiences. According to rumours it could cost around 70000 Inr for the base model. For final price we need to wait for the official launch.

OnePlus 12 Release Date

OnePlus has teased their new flagship phone with some photos. An executive can be seen holding up the new OnePlus phone in one image, and it looks like there will be three colors to choose from. The OnePlus 12 will be released for sale globally beginning January 2024 in China. Will have to wait for indian launch. Although the device is listed at indian official oneplus website

Final Take Away

OnePlus is known for producing outstanding phones at competitive prices, and the OnePlus 12 looks set to continue this tradition with an excellent display, powerful hardware features, and an exceptional camera. Will wait and see the full specifications and details of the device once it got launched. You are also looking to upgrade to Oneplus 12 . Then you can sell old oneplus Phone or can sell old mobile of any company at cash2phone website for the best price.

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  1. […] Also Read :- OnePlus 12 Set to Be Introduced on December 5th […]

  2. […] Also Read :- OnePlus 12 Set to Be Introduced on December 5th […]

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