All Screen, No Bezel: The iPhone 16 Series Prepares for a Dramatic Redesign

Apple has always strived to provide its consumers with the best and most innovative features. The iPhone 15 series introduced the Dynamic Island and impressive displays, but according to reports, Apple is gearing up to introduce a bezel-less display in the iPhone 16 series. That’s right, no bezels at all! Imagine a large Dynamic Island experience on your iPhone. Let’s explore this further.

Border Reduction Structure (BRS)

Current screen technologies allow for the reduction of top and side bezels, but modifying the bottom bezel remains a challenge. Heat generation at the bottom of the phone makes it difficult. The iPhone 16 will also see a change in camera design, with a pill-shaped camera replacing the square setup and the flash being integrated into the body.

Apple is currently considering implementing BRS (Border Reduction Structure). BRS can solve this problem by rolling copper wires from the bottom upwards.

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BRS for All iPhone 16 Models

Historically, Apple has reserved premium features for its Pro models. However, according to Korean sisajournal reports, Apple will implement BRS technology on all four iPhone 16 models: 16, Pro, Plus, and Pro Max.

The iPhone 16 series may also feature AI integration, allowing the iPhone to deliver even more powerful performance. Currently the talks are going in with gemini and Open Ai.


Apple is constantly innovating and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with smartphones. The New iPhone series is shaping up to be a major leap forward, with a bezel-less display, a new camera design, and AI integration. It will be exciting to see what Apple has in store for us.

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