Apple to Roll Out iPhone 12 Software Update Amid Radiation Concerns in France

Apple to Roll Out iPhone 12 Software Update Amid Radiation Concerns in France

France’s radiation regulatory body has raised concerns about the radiation emissions from Apple’s iPhone 12, leading to a temporary halt in sales in the country. However, a potential solution is in sight through a software update. Let’s see what actual is the scenario.

Radiation Concerns and the iPhone 12 in France

  • France’s radiation watchdog found that the iPhone 12 exceeds radiation limits.
  • Mobile phones emit radiation through radiofrequency waves, which create electromagnetic fields. However, unlike harmful radiation types, this doesn’t affect the body’s chemical bonds or cells.

The Issue at Hand

  • French authorities temporarily suspended iPhone 12 sales due to excessive electromagnetic radiation emissions.
  • Apple committed to updating the software to address the issue and align with European standards.
  • The update will reduce the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR), indicating how radiofrequency energy penetrates the body.
A Broader Impact and Additional Investigations
  • Other European nations are considering similar actions. Belgium is evaluating the situation, while Germany and Italy are exploring their options.
  • The Dutch Authority for Digital Infrastructure plans its investigation following French and German authorities’ contact.

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Why iPhone 12 Sales Were Halted
  • France’s ANFR found that the iPhone 12 exceeded legal limits for electromagnetic waves absorbed by humans.
  • The Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) measurements raised concerns, potentially leading to a ban if compliance isn’t met within three months.
Apple’s Response and the Software Update
  • Apple disputed the findings, citing certifications from international bodies.
  • They committed to a software update to bring the iPhone 12 in line with regulatory protocols and lift the sales suspension in France.
Addressing SAR Concerns
  • The software update will modify SAR measurements, aligning them with French safety standards.
  • This change aims to lower SAR measurements, making compliance easier.
Ongoing Monitoring
  • France’s ANFR will closely monitor Apple’s updates and safety standards.
  • Apple support staff have been advised to refrain from providing detailed information on the controversy and to handle returns according to the company’s policies.

This software update could resolve the radiation issue with the iPhone 12 in France, ensuring compliance with safety standards and continuing sales.

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