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WhatsApp Introduces ‘View Once’ Feature for Voice Messages

On WhatsApp, you can now send voice messages in ‘view once’ mode. Previously, this feature was available only for image and video messages, and it was introduced in 2021. In the recent update, the company has also introduced view once option for voice messages. This means that the recipient can listen to the message once, and it will disappear. According to the company, this will be a secure way to share sensitive information. User can share voice notes, share some details to a friend, like credit card details.

The appearance of the view once voice message will be similar to view once photos and videos. WhatsApp has confirmed that this update will be available worldwide in the coming days.

Here is how to send a ‘view once’ voice message

  1. Select the group or individual you want to send the voice message to.
  2. Click on the microphone icon.
  3. Tap and record your message.
  4. Click on the “View Once” mode.
  5. Finally, click “Send.”

If the recipient has read the message, you will see a read receipt on your phone, and the message will disappear. Like all WhatsApp chats, the end-to-end encryption applies to ‘view voice’ messages by default.

Important points to note

  • If you receive any image, video, or voice message in view once mode, you must open it within 14 days; otherwise, it will disappear from the chat.
  • View once messages cannot be forwarded, saved, or marked as favourites.
  • If you have not opened a view once a message, you can still access it from your backup. Once opened, it will not return to the backup and cannot be restored.

whatsapp will start rolling out globally this feature for voice message soon.

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